What is NovaCore?

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What  is it?

Simply put NovaCloud is NovaCore in the cloud enhanced to work seamlesly in your browser on any Windows, Apple Mac or Android device and from anywhere.

What  are the benefits?

In addition to all of the standard
NovaCore features NovaCloud includes:

Create or upload and edit your Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in your browser powered by Microsoft Office.

Backups are done for you.

Distribute your documents and webforms to the public or staff (via secure login) through your very own customisable Web Document Portal using a personalised URL provided by us.
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What they say ...

MSS Safety

We have been a Novacore user for several years now. We were looking for a software solution that met specific criteria. We were mostly looking for ease of use, compatibility with our other systems and of course, value for money. We researched and demoed a lot other software before a chance call with another of our software providers pointed us in Novacore's direction.

We were triple handling documents, managing documents using spreadsheets which no one ever bothered to update or struggled to keep up to date. Once the decision was made to go with Novacore, our objectives were not just met, but exceeded, in almost every way. Our compliance is now bang up to date, with helpful email reminders to make sure we don’t miss anything.

What surprised us the most, was the support we have received consistently during our many years of using the system. On the very rare occasion we have required technical assistance, this has been, in most cases, just minutes away. We even made subtle suggestions about wish list ideas for additional features or expanding in certain areas and Novacore have always been supremely responsive and implemented almost before we put the phone down.

Implementing document management, as with any software based system, is something you don’t want to have to 'redo' at some point.

We tell everyone we meet about Novacore, its user friendly and intuitive operation, the benefits, the support, as you can tell, we are big fans.
Do yourself a favour, save some time, save some money and get efficient. Novacore is a MASSIVE help!
(29 June 2017 - NovaCore user since June 2014)

Daren Herring
MSS Safety
Compliance software with all the time-saving tools you need to manage compliance. NovaCore is secure and reliable and our expert support staff and team of consultants are here to help.

Features that will change your life

Unique Traffic Light Compliance System
Create Your Own Framework (CYO)
Publisher & Intranet Document Portal
Document Control
Document Management System (DMS)
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NovaCore’s unique traffic light system shows you exactly what’s happening with your compliance, which area’s need attention, minor work or are compliant.

An orange attention symbol means documents need to be linked to a standard or condition, an amber light means certain documents are approaching their review dates, a red light means that documents need reviewing immediately and a green light means a particular standard is compliant.