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Training & Assessment strategies development
Training and assessment materials development
Assisting with industry consultation
Extension to scope documentation
Extension to Scope

Are you an existing RTO making application for an extension to scope?

Our consultants can assist or guide you through this process, to ensure a painless and compliant outcome.

Our registration services include:
RTO Consulting and Support Services
With the ever changing regulations within the Vocational Education and Training sector becoming more complex, our specialist knowledge and experience in compliance management will guide you through the often complex array of regulations which impact upon your business.
Mapping of assessment instruments
Validation of assessment instruments
Gap analysis and rectification
Validation system development

The SRTO 2015 (Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015) outline the requirement for 'Assessments, including RPL to be systematically validated'

The process of validation is to ensure that assessment instruments meet the requirements of the unit of competency, and that they also meet the rules of evidence and principles of assessment.

Our consultants can act as external validators or assist you to develop and implement a systematic validation process.

Our validation services include:
Assessment Instruments

Do you need assistance with developing flexible and compliant assessment instruments.

Our industry current and qualified consultants are willing and able to assist.

Our assessment instrument services include:
Development of assessment instruments
Validation and moderation of assessment instruments
Mapping of assessment instruments
RTO Policies and Procedures

As with any business, being an RTO provider requires compliance with relevant State and National regulations.  These are constantly changing and the requirements to meet all new and updated regulations can be a task in itself, let alone trying to manage your daily training operations.

Our consultants can develop policies and procedures that meet all regulations, but more specifically, integrate with your business processes.

Our RTO policies and procedures services include:
Development of SRTO 2015 and CRICOS policies and procedures
Analysis and continuous improvement of current policies and procedures
Compliance Framework - SRTO 2015 / AQTF / CRICOS / GTO
SRTO 2015 (previously known as ASQA) Template Pack - Microsoft Word
AQTF Template Pack - Microsoft Word
CRICOS Template Pack - Microsoft Word
Compliance Management System Software
Document Management System Software